Donkeys Throughout History


Chicago, Illinois

Brookfield Zoo

August, 22, 1946

Sweet Little Girl plays with newborn Mini Donkey

*** Fun Fact! Mini's use to be called Pygmy Donkeys, Sardinian Donkeys, Burros, and Dwarf Donkeys before they were renamed as Miniatures. Still can't figure out when or who renamed them.****





June 6, 1954

Two little famers take their load of goods to the market on their hard working little mini.

Epsom Downs,

Tattenham Corner, England

September 13, 1971

This is Lou, the 29-year-old donkey who went to church for the blessing at the Annual Horsemens Service. Lou has been coming to the service for the past 24 years and hasn't missed one since they started.




January 13, 1970

Proud Donkey parents look affectionately over their new foal.

Whipsnade Zoo

Dunstable, United Kingdom


Undated Photo

Little children fawn over little Francis who is just 3 weeks old at the Whipsnade Zoo.

Englewood, Colorado

December 21, 1948

Two minis show off their cart pulling skills as they plod up Sixteenth Street. 

Ruffs Orchard

Hawthorn Hill Maidenhead, Berkshire, England

Undated Photo

"Dudley" the mini donkey slides down the slide with his buddy.

Hyde Park YMCA

1400 West 53rd Street, New York, New York

April 24, 1952

Children meet "Mac and Madge" at Camp Martin Johnson

Washington Park Zoo

Michigan City, Indiana

December 20, 1952

Little "Jack" the mini donkey helps kick off the Christmas season with a sweet little boy looking on.

Kirghizie Mountains, Russia

Undated Photo

Traditional workers meet the new technology in town.

Silver Springs, Florida

September 5, 1954

"Katy" the mini mule is only 26 inches tall. She is pictured here with her best buddy, 3 year old Sam.

 Staplehurst, Kent, United Kingdom

April 8, 1968

Palm Sunday Services are on full display with the children and a donkey contributing to the pageantry.

Versailles, France


Two Poitou Donkeys pose for the camera


July 16, 1960 A team of 24 mini donkeys pull a wagon for the Robbins Brothers Circus.