About Us


We are located in the beautiful farm country of Princess Anne, Maryland. We are approximately 2 hours from Baltimore and Virginia Beach.


Our Journey into the Miniature Donkey world started when we purchased 3 minis to help combat a coyote problem. At the time the coyotes were harassing our 3 horses and our one donkey. Our donkey at that time, a standard size donkey, tried to get to the coyotes and kill them. She has wonderful guarding instincts. Typically, mini donkeys are not recommended as guard donkeys because of their size. Since we always wanted mini donkeys, we thought well, maybe we'll give the minis a try and get enough minis where we can outnumber the coyotes. So that's what we did, and it worked like a charm! Within a month, the coyotes moved on and we have not seen them since! Luckily, all of our minis had the guarding instinct, so along with our standard size donkey, they made it a very uncomfortable environment for the coyotes. 


I had always heard that you should really have a donkey buddy, for a donkey, but wasn't quite sure I believed it. Our Standard donkey, Stella, had bonded so well with our quarter horse that she couldn't possibly really need another donkey, right? BOY was I wrong!! When we bought the three minis, Stella instantly bonded with little Ethel and the two have been inseparable ever since. Now I get it! The bond between the donkeys is a beautiful thing that we now cherish. They are happier and healthier having each other.  


Because of the special bond between donkeys, we will only sell bonded pairs together. We will also not sell single donkeys to a buyer unless they already have another donkey(s). No exceptions.


Of the 3 minis that we bought back then, one was pregnant, unbeknownst to us. That started our breeding program whether we were ready or not! Lol! Our ranch now has 3 breeding mini mares and 2 mini jacks as a part of our breeding program. 


Starting in the summer of 2024 we are planning to also breed standard donkeys as guard donkeys to help combat the coyote problem on the Delmarva Peninsula. We have a standard Jenny and Jack as part of our breeding program now.


 We handle our babies from day one and they are lovingly raised around other equine, dogs, cats, children and adults.




All our donkeys are ADMS Registered, microchipped, vaccinated and health checked before they go to their new homes.